Owner: Megan Saxelby
Dog: Gus

Dogtropolis is an exceptional boarding/daycare facility. My dog Gus goes on a daily basis for daycare, and boards frequently when I am out of town. While there are many amazing things I could say about the staff, the facilities, and the care of the animals, my most recent experience with Dogtropolis outlines what an amazing team they really are.

My dog is getting older and recently injured himself playing too hard. I awoke in the middle of the night to a distressed dog who was very much in pain. I could not take him to an emergency vet, and the earliest he could be seen at Rainbow Vet (the clinic adjacent to Dogtropolis) was at 10:45 am. Having to go to work, and not knowing what else to do, I brought Gus into daycare to wait until the vet could see him. As we know, our pets are like our children, and not being able to help was incredibly upsetting. Connie and all the other staff at Dogtropolis were beyond amazing! They took Gus into the boarding area to rest while awaiting his appointment, constantly monitoring him, and gave him so much care. They were just as concerned as I was , which made me feel so grateful as a pet owner. The coming week he could not play, yet I did not want to leave him alone at home all day because he needed monitoring and medication; Connie readily agreed to let me bring him in each day to rest away from the daycare group so someone could be with him, care for him, monitor his progress, and give him some love. They provided detailed daily reports and took such amazing care of him. I honestly cannot tell you how much this meant, and how far above and beyond the attentive staff went to take care of just one dog. Dogtropolis is an incredible place, and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Owner: Leighanna Kilgore
Dog: Chakita!

Chakita loves going to Dogtropolis! At first she was very timid around other people and dogs, but the socialization has made her much more confident. She loves the staff, and sometimes she's more excited to get dropped off at Dogtropolis than she is to come home! She's been attending Dogtropolis for a few years and now stays overnight at least once a week . I feel much better knowing that she gets lots of exercise, treats and love when I'm away. I appreciate each staff member's attentiveness, as they always keep me updated if they notice any changes with her. As a frequent traveler, I can't say enough about how flexible and easy it's been to work with Connie, even at the last minute. This kind of personalized service certainly sets them apart! I highly recommend Dogtropolis as a trusted and knowledgeable daycare, and I don't know what Chakita and I would do without them !

Owner: Mary Ann Wonson
Dogs: Spunky a.k.a. Sheriff and Chloe a.k.a. Deputy

We adopted Spunky from Dogtropolis five years ago. Our dog, Chloe, got so jealous when we got to go to daycare, we had her tested. Even though she is shy, the staff has worked with her and discovered how much she loves puppies. So while Spunky feels ownership of the place and acts like "sheriff", Chloe is the "little mother". When my husband passed away, they called right away to ask what they could do to help and kept the dogs the day of the funeral to make that day a little less stressful. They pay close attention to the dogs and let me know potential health problems. I can't imagaine a more caring, loving staff and I'm so grateful for all they do.

Owner: Natalie Strokes
Dog: Broca

Broca, who is almost two years old, has been going to Dogtropolis since he was about four months old, a month after I adopted him. He was such a high spirited puppy that I knew he needed to be solcialized and learn how to get along with other dogs. Being a larger dog (border collie/black lab mix), Dogtropolis is the perfect place because he is able to interact with both small and large dogs in a controlled setting. The playroom is well monitored because the staff are IN the playroom with the dogs and carry water bottles just in case. All new clients go through a screening process before they allow a trial day at the daycare and Connie, the owner, is often times at the daycare if you have questions or just want to chat. Everyone at Dogtropolis are dog lovers and know the personalities of the individual dogs that come in which helps because they have often to alerted me to when Broca is feeling off or acting weird. Another great thing that they have is a break midday where they crate the dogs for naps. This is great especially when Broca was a puppy because he was on a feeding schedule of three times per day so he was able to still get his lunch and a nap in. Another thing I have noticed is that all the dogs going into Dogtropolis are usually pulling their owners to the door, excited to go in and play with their friends. I checked out several other daycares before I decided on Dogtropolis and truly believe it is the best one in the Cleveland area !

Owner: Thomas Robertson
Dog: Bertie

We got a scrappy little mutt named Bertie about 4 years ago, and found him to be distressingly unsocialized, and full of energy. Working with trainers and another daycare facility, he made some progress. But then we brought Bertie to Dogtropolis, and he was in his second home. He's gone to Dogtropolis for over a year now, 4 days a week, and he's become much more socialized and comfortable around other dogs. We also occasionally board him for the weekend. What I like best about Dogtropolis is that there's ALWAYS someone with the dogs; my dog is never left locked up and unsupervised. Dog care isn't the easiest job in the world, but Connie and her staff are always welcoming and friendly.

Owner: Carrie Bodenger
Dog: Django

My name is Django. I'm a 2.5 year old rescue dog. I am so thrilled to spend time at Dogtropolis that I insisted my human, Carrie, write this thank you to everyone that takes care of me each day I visit. I started coming when I was 5 months old, over 2 years ago, and feel so happy, comfortable and loved at Dogtropolis that I sometimes complain when I'm stuck at home for a day. Each day I play with friends of all breeds, sizes and ages - and everyone seems to love me! We all have indoor and outdoor playtime, naptime and doggy biscuit treats. I've stayed overnight a bunch of times and my human friends made sure I ate my meals and felt safe and cared-for. When Carrie and I walk in the park I make sure to tell all the people and the dogs I meet about my wonderful "doggy daycare" and hope they will join me.

Owner: Sandi and Bill Lehr
Dog: Chester and Duke

My two Boston Terriers have been going to Dogtropolis since 2009. My dogs have spent time at other so called doggy daycares, however, nothing compares to Dogtropolis in my opinion. I know both my guys will be well cared for and they always come home happy, and most importantly, tired !

Owner: Brad and Leah Knapp
Dog: Wendell

How do you keep an ornery bulldog out of trouble? Send him to Dogtropolis on a regular basis where he can run and play and give the occasional broom a firm talking to. For the last five years, everytime we ask, "Who wants to go to Dogtropolis?" Wendell races us to the door and out to the garage so he doesn't miss his playtime. We originally thought he was so excited to see the caring, talented staff who clearly love him as much as we do. Now we think it might be his love of the "leggy blondes"... OK, Golden Retrievers...that keep him coming back. Either way, we all love Dogtropolis.

Owner: Ryan and Katie Cary
Dog: Kiva

We've been bringing our yellow lab, Kiva, to Dogtropolis at least once a week for the past four years. It's been a great option to balance hectic work schedules without feeling guilty that he is spending too much time home alone, and it's the perfect way to keep him socialized with other dogs. We appreciate the staff there as well for the attention, kindness and care they pay to each dog. Of course, the best judge of Dogtropolis is Kiva himself, who has developed a celebratory dance to express his happiness when we tell him in the morning that he is going to be hanging out with his friends for the day. Coming from a dog of selective tastes, this is the highest compliment.

Owner: Heidi Metzger
Dog: Shifty

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Shifty last night. Your staff is always so helpful and sweet - what a nice bunch of people you have working at Dogtropolis... and Shifty is wiped out like a little kid that has had an awesome day at camp. Awesome... thank you so much.

Owner: Donna Barton
Dog: Taffy

You know that Taffy has been coming to Dogtropolis for over 3 years. You also know that I had tried 2 other doggy daycare centers before finding Dogtropolis and immediately knew that this was the right place for her. Dogtropolis is the right size center, proper introduction procedures and ongoing training for staff and a staff that loves dogs - no matter how big or how small or what type of personailty they have. Taffy is always excited to come in the morning and is tired enough at night to snore loudly ! Your staff have great relationships with the dogs and make sure they have fun and are safe and comfortable. I cannot thank you enough for providing a great place for dogs to spend the day or night. I would highly recommend Dogtropolis to any dog owner and have made sure my friends who have dogs know all about your center. Thanks again!

Owner: Maryclaire Moroney
Dog: George

George has been coming to Dogtropolis since he was puppy. He is crazy about the staff and the other dogs that come to daycare. Every time we drive here he gets more and more excited the closer we get, till by the time we arrive, George races me to the door, barking with joyful anticipation. Naturally, this makes me feel extremely good about leaving him with his "second family"! We both love and trust Dogtropolis, and are grateful to have this business in our community! Thank you Dogtropolis!

Owner: Jeffrey Pence
Dog: April

Excellent care and service makes for a happy dog. Our rescue pup was basically socialized there. The staff pays specific attention to each dog and keep you updated on how they are doing. For commuting reasons, we tried another spot - it was, comparatively, a mistake. Dog was never so happy and well treated as at Dogtropolis. When we came back, staff and even the pack welcomed here with open arms. First Rate and Safe Place for your dog to play while you are busy.

Owner: Micahel Kechisen
Dog: Bailey

Clean. Well run. I get piece of mind knowing my dog is safe and having fun playing with other pooches while I am at work.

Owner: Ken Novak
Dog: Angel

I am in love with Dogtropolis! I have been taking my Boston there for almost 2 years. She knows exactly where we are going just by driving down the street and can't wait to get out of the car and go in and play! All the dogs are greeted by name. I think that is so amazing! Connie is great, the "Top Dog" and I will continue to take my Angel there as long as Dogtropolis is around!! Thanks for taking such great care of my Angel !

Owner: Peg McNally
Dog: Sport

I like how well the staff manages the process; scheduling, the dog transfer, and the orientation program. They provide an excellent orientation, are great with Sport and they maintain the facility very well. I like the flexible scheduling. My work is not 9-5 and there are days that I need daycare at the last minute. Dogtropolis serves this need very well.

Owner: David and Pam Schwartz
Dog: Daisy

I like all the friendly ladies! Every single one is dedicated to our dogs. Everyone has the system down pat and it runs smoothly. Everyone is helpful, flexible, nice, nice, nice and Daisy is even happier! The staff is the best and they show real love. Daisy is thrilled to go to Dogtropolis. She loves going and comes out just as happy, but tired. When Daisy gets home, she curls up and sleeps for a day and a half! Seriously, it is a pleasure that we can deal with her and see her personality. Without Dogtropolis, she can get off the wall. Just don't close up! For 30 years we never knew of these places - they weren't around. Now there is no way that we could live without you.

Owner: Danielle Merriman
Dog: Chloe

I like the convenience, friendliness of the staff, and the flexibility. I can trust Dogtropolis and the staff and know that Chloe is well cared for. They communicate any problems or issues, if needed. When Chloe gets home, I usually have to peel her off the couch, she is exhausted! I like the recent changes and upgrades to the facility!

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