The Power of Rescuing

It’s no secret that we love dogs. After all, it is quite a big part of our lives here at DogTropolis. Running a doggy daycare here in Cleveland, we see just how special the bond between pet and owner can be. Yet millions of dogs don’t get that opportunity.

dog rescue cleveland

It’s well-known reality that millions of dogs are currently occupying shelters across the United States. While it is a sad truth, we want the highlight the positive that comes out of this – rescuing. In a simple sense, it’s saving a life, though that doesn’t end the minute a new owner walks out of the shelter. Providing a safe home where a dog will be loved and cared for is the true definition of rescuing.

We find it is amazing the unique bond owners form with their rescues. Often it seems as if the dog is rescuing the person as much as the person is rescuing the dog. The challenge and responsibility of owning a rescue can bring out the best in people. Studies have shown that having a four-legged companion can make people happier and healthier. We certainly agree.

There’s no doubt that adopting and thus rescuing provides a special opportunity for dogs and for owners. For information on things to consider before adopting go to Cesar’s Way.

Photo courtesy of Dan Queiroz

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